If you are looking for excellent table top, high speed photography, special effects, high tech postproduction enriched by a group of extremely dedicated best-in-class table top productions professionals, who truly enjoy spending their time in the workshop or our studio, or with monitors...

This is the right place to be.

We proudly represent three exceptional and specialized directors - Tomasz Siatkowski, Ronald Koetzier and Nick Sawyer - whose main focus is a perfect and unique product presentation. We cooperate with advertising agencies and production houses offering assistance with the development of advertising projects.

Our team of professionals is highly experienced and provides thorough assistance with the project creation process from developing visual concepts, technical support to the final master. Mniam's shooting space is a 200 m2 stage and is located in Warsaw approx. 4 km from Chopin airport with its office is in the city center.

Mniam.tv is a specialized studio supporting the production of table top advertising spots. Studio is equipped with high-speed imaging equipment, which includes: High speed Motion Control (evo.ARM), Phantom v341 camera, Innovision lenses, motion controlled turntables.

We also own the Milo Motion Control system and VFX workshop.

So… If you are looking for the best product presentation, for splashes, crushes, swirls, smashes, squeezes, bubbles and many many more...


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